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A mix of clouds and sun early followed by cloudy skies this afternoon. High 42F. Winds light and variable..

Cloudy skies early, then off and on rain showers overnight. Low 31F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.

Merry Christmas how many elfs do you have? I want a dog, and a horse, a trip to Las Vegas and to Florida. A go cart. I hope you have a new year.

I want a gameboy and a playstation 5 and a ps4 an an rc car that goes 100+ miles per hour and a baby bulldog.

Mery Christmas. Can you bring my elf back please! and you better not forget about the cat or dog or else. Also I want a phone for Christmas please.

I wish you a marry chistmase I want a dirt bike game pokemon for the game ifon 13 and a poney and to file better. the end.

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the nice srtif kit. I love it a lot. 100 percent me and my dad are going to grat wolf log. it will be so much fun. oh and Trixer is crase lol please lead code back home. I miss him so much. and one more faver can you make my doges happy.

I want a PS5 Ive really wanted one my hole life. I also want a vermon shepord to. I really want more charziards and rainbow cards please. I would like a thousand dollar pokemon card and a 25 carrot gold pokemon card. Ive been good thos year this is what I want. Merry Christmas.

Merry Chirstmas. I want a lot of Roblox gift cards. Also a cute cactus halter for my house and a new saddle for my horse. I want a computer. and an iPad case. I want a lot of hoese stickers. Also squishy toys and a last coller for my dog. I hope you have a great christmas!

Santa I want a guides pig a bike and pokemon dinosaur legos a pong table and my sister want airpods case.

Merry Christmas! This is Blaze, this is want i want for chrisamas! is a sack of pokemon crads that has charzar and some jacussic world toys. I have a elf on the self named chippy. he is a really funny elf I really love him! I been a god boy. I believe in Santa!

Dear Santa I love Christmas I want a water bottle. I am going on vacation.

I love Christmas. I love the presents under the tree I love family and friends. I love dasher, dancer and more. Theres nothing better than Christmas. Some people go on vacations, it is good to go.Am I good or bad how bout you santa. Sincerely, Memphis. Thanks Santa.

Before my vacation I wanted a present. Because one Christmas eve all I can get is two presents and thats really sad for me so what I want from you is all of the lankyber plushies for me and a cute rain deer. Night sleeping thing please. Thats all I want.

Dear Santa, I think I was really good this year because I washed the dishes, walk the dogs, and did what was told. Can you please tell my elf kiki to quit being silly? She has a pet fox named snowy. I really hope I can go to my dads this year. I really want a corgi please. I promise to always be nice.

Dear Santa. I want slime, horses, a barn, a trailer, chickens, lamas, birds, pigs, these are all toys.

I wut for christmas is poemon, ps5, root bold glous and nrf gun to a dirt bike and a legos doll poemon card and a 24 carit good poemon card and I like to toys you have my last year.

I want a horse, go cart, saddle, briddle and a saddle stand for christmas and I hope the you like the cookies I bake also we will have christmas at my granny I also have it at my auntSaras and aunt donnas to so I have different places for Christmas also I want lot of candy in my stocking.

I been good this year but I want to tell you that I want for Christmass. i want a horse and a new tablit because my sister broke my other one. but I want let her this time and I want a iPhone it will be fun to have one I love my sister so I want you to bring her one too.

I want for christmas this is what I want a flash light and a farm game.I think I want 2 new tieus good and a new bratrey. Sincerely Love Lane

Dear Santa,I really want a corgi please. I will always try to be nice please. Santa can you please tell misses clause and rudolf. I said hi. I also want makeup. you have been really nice to give presents. Hoplly you can relax some time because you need it. Thank you for sending the elfs out because sparkle is the best elf I love. and I love the elf pets. and Merry Christmas Santa.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like a Xbox

Dear Santa, how are your dear? I would like a switch for Christmas.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like a Hoverboard.

Dear Santa, wish we were neighbors. I would like a Batman set for Christmas.

Dear Santa, I love you, Santa I would like a rugres hielz

Dear Santa, how are you dear? I would like a Xbox and head fowns and a Xbox gift card

Dear Santa, how do you make presins? I would like a iPad and a PlayStation five

Dear Santa, how are your rain deer? I would like another elf pet.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like a cids shed

Dear Santa, how is Mrs. clause I would like a fusey blue dress

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like a Nintendo switch for Christmas.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like basketball for Christmas.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like sqishey cat

Dear Santa, how are your rain brabir? I would like a kamper for Christmas.

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I would like a Nintendo lit game for Christmas.

Dear Santa, how are you? I would like a roobot

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I really want a iPad. I want to wish dasher dancer, prancer Comet coigd Donner and Blizen and roudof a merry Christmas

Dear Santa I have been vevey Good I want beldy slip. I want five spistnt. I want lol’s I want. Rowdindhind doll. I want pelow. I want mand kind gind doll. I want plint. I want a mend. and shond. I want shrind. I want pant and a NAND raidbox. I want a dlandt and poel-posit. I want manklistot

Dear Santa, ho, the reindeer I hope you are warm this year. Can I have a hamhchar for crismis and tell Donna I said hi thank you

Dear Santa, I’ve been really good this year. I would like a TV and a puppy for Christmas. Safe travels with Rudolph. I hope you like your cookies and give the carrots to Rudolph and all the six other reindeer and tell Mrs. Claus I said hi oh and Rudolph there should be 14 carrots and if There and give it to to the reindeer.

Dear Santa, I’ve been helping my mom in morning. I really want a baseball and a new bike.

Dear Santa, I want a Lego kit, and ramboe high doll for Christmas. If you come, there will be koockys an a cup of milk

Dear Santa, merry Christmas, Santa, what I want for Christmas is squishy’s I want a Dino ice cream, and a bear squishy and the thing I really want is an iPhone, 14 and VR goggles and one more thing I want which is a tablet because my brother through it and it cracked but it is OK merry Christmas Santa.

Dear Santa, I want a gegou I want a head cent. I want a coconut. I want a big groun I want 10,000000000

Dear Santa, I want a scooter for Christmas. Have a good trip!

Dear Santa for Crismas I want a pet pupy and I want a lot of water bottle stickers, Ples, and a new Lego kit and a scooter. I am too big for my old one and other seresis plese and thank you

Dear Santa, I really want a Nintendo switch for Christmas and a rainbow Pokémon card. Aunt tell comet, I said hi and Roodoff

Dear Santa Santa, can I please have a Pokémon and a car, but can I still have some at my grandmas hous and I will try to give you milk and carrots.

Dear Santa, I want to phone for Christmas please I’m good

Dear Santa, I have been good this year and I want Pokémon and I would like a switch

Dear Santa, I’ve bin good all year. For Christmas I want the mommy doll and the vampire doll from monster high and Frankey doll for Christmas, all the doors and make a monster, the blue and pink one

Dear Santa, I want triprd and elf on the shelf and Huntercod fo the wird and a radit

Dear Santa, I think you should change up your transportation. I think you should use a rocket maybe use some magic to make a silent rocket. It goes really fast and you can get your job done quickly. What do you think?

Dear Santa, I think you should change your transportation. I think your reindeer need a little break but I know you need a break to but use your magic to make a helicopter so you can wake up the neighborhood. What do you think it’s your decision

Do you think your reindeer should have a break? I think you should switch your sleigh up and ride in a camper van. Because he can use the bathroom whenever you want too. So comfortable and can go to sleep and set an alarm to deliver presents. What do you think Santa? I love you Santa Claus.

Dear Santa, I think you should change up your transportation. I think your reindeer need a little break! How about using some Christmas magic and using a rent car. You can turn up the heat and be warm.

Dear Santa, I think you should let us pick your sleigh this year. It will be so cool. What if you use a helicopter or a surfboard your reindeer gets rest let your reindeer rest so I think you should? You’s a rocket you can fly to house to house and give some kids toys

Dear Santa, I think the rain do you need a break instead you should do six cheetahs. Thank you for all your love and for all the stockings we love you.

Dear Santa, I I think you should change up your transportation, your reindeer need a break how about using magic to use a house that jumps and flies and bring a fly to peoples houses on Christmas and just give people a lot of presents.

Dear Santa, sorry you should use a helicopter I forgot to tell you what do you think? I love you so much.

Dear Santa, how about you change up your ride I think you should use a van what do you think? Merry Christmas!

Sincerely Keaton dear Santa I think you should fly around in a plane rocket ship.

Dear Santa, I think you should change how about giving your reindeer a break

Dear Santa, I think you should change up your transportation. You should use a car because it is warm and toasty fast.

I would like a barbie.

I would like a morph suit.

I would like a robot Batman.

I would like a princess dress.

I would like a toy truck.

I would like a remote control mustang.

I would like a reindeer bell.

I would like a headband.

I would like a stuffed Unicorn.

I would like a easy bake oven.

I would like a sonic plush.

I would like a bowen arrow.

I would like a megamind.

I would like a nerf gun.

I want a bunch of LOL Dolls.

I want a monster truck.

I want a robot unicorn.

I have been a good girl.

I want a ball and net.

I like your reindeer too.

I want a basketball, baseball and baseball glove.

I want a Christmas tree.

I want a toy bike.

I want a LOL Doll.

I love you. Thank you.

Please bring me a is chrem plade cart.

I love you! Thank you for the presents.

Please bring me a Bekt.

Thank you for the presents bring me

I love you! Thank you for the presents.

Please bring me a blacet.

I love you! Thank you for the presents.

Please bring me a dog.

Thank you for the presents.

Thank you bring me cat.

I love you! Thank you for the presents.

I love you! Thank you

Please bring me a rabit.

I want a from bobel

Please bring me a doll home and LOL.

Please bring me a eaf

I love you! Thank you for the presents.

Please bring me em micsike

Please bring me a car.

thank you please for presents bring me hesid

My name is balla. I am 11 years old and in fourth grade. I go to elementary. I enjoy coloring and drawing. Also in november by aunt had a baby girl to top the iceing on the cake. I just ruined 11 years old! How are you santa? Are you cold up in the north pole? I have an idea that might help keep you and everyone up there warm! Build saunas in all the buildings! On an average how many presents do you have to give around the world on Christmas eve? Besides baking cookies, what does. Mrs. Claus do at the north pole? How long of the elfs work ever day during the year? my biggest wish for you is to use your magic to make my grandmas cancer go away and to feel better. Also hen you visit my house be very quiet because I have dogs and they bark at everything. I hope you have a great Christmas this year! Thank you for giving cheer around the world.

My name is Elli. I am 9 years old, I’m in the 4th grade and go to Everton elementary. My interests are drawing and math. my family and I went to watch my brother play basketball for the last time in travel ball but also on my softball team this year we won the championship after softball was over I broke my hand and groth plate and couldn’t do much but I just got my brace off! How are you santa? have you had a good year? I have a great idea. Instead of writing and naughty and nice I could build a computer so you can print the list and I’ve always wondered though how many eld do you have and how do you fit all the presents in the sleigh? My one wish for you is about my dad. He has has to get surgery on his hands because his nerves are damaged. I just want him to feel better and be ok. Also when you visit my house know that I have great danes that bark at everything. I will remind you by putting a sign that says, “beware of dogs” on my roof. I hope you have a great Christmas this year. I thank you for spreading joy around the world.

My name is Alaina. I am in 4th grade. I am 10years old. I love goats. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 6 goats. I go to Everton. How are you doing?Is Mrs. Claus good? How are the reindeer? I went more time with my friends and family Then I want a puppy because I love dogs and have 3 dogs so be careful. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Hi, my name is Brody and I am 10 years old and in 4th grade and I go to everton elementary and my favorite sport is baseball and I have done many great things this year and even went to florida with my dads side of the family and had a lot of fun. I have a few questions for you and your elfs. First question, how do you make your toys and other stuff so fast? What other stuff is so fast? Last question, how do you go to all the houses so fast? And my wish is to get all my family together and open presents oh and Fanta if you are bringing presents to my house don’t open any doors because theres an alarm and when the alarm goes off my dog emmy will go crazy if she years and she bites. and marry christmas to all.

Hi my name is Paisley and I am 9. Also, I am in 4th grade. I go to Everton Elementary. How are you, how is Mrs. Claus how are the reindeer? How is the north poll dowing? I really want slime for christmas. I will make you cookies and milk. I will leave reindeer food outside. I have to want you about my dog she does not like other people. Merry Christmas.

I am Brysen and I am in the fourth grade. I go to everton and like spiderman. me and my family went to Myrtle Beach. How are you and Mrs. Claus? Tell Mrs. Clause I said hi send me a pic of rudolph. All I want for christmas is my mom to have anew car, money and for me to have a nintendo switch.

Hi my name is Adam and I am nine years old and I am in the 4th grade at Everton Elementary. Hey Santa are you and holly okay? By the way are the reindeer are they ready for another drive around the world? Hey santa, I wish my family could tear down our old house and make a new one. Also what I want for Christmas is a VR head set.

Hi Im Like. Im in 4th grade at Everton Elementary School. Im into video games. I happy that my dad has a new job. Santa if you come in my house have an elf come with you. Check the front and back door. You might have to enter a code to get in because is their is enter it and come in because it will probably set off the alarm. Santa watch out for my dog.If you wake her up she will bark at you and when she barks at you she will wake us up. Also what I want for Christmas this year is my friends to have a good year and a nintendo switch.

Hi, I am Maycee. I am in 4th grade at Everton Elementary School. I really like slime and figets oh I forgot to tell you that I am ten years old. Not to long ago my grandma and grandpa that live in tennessee stayed at my house for a week. How are you? What about the elevs and reindeers? You can make the reindeer rainbow sweaters. I wish my dad and finish mine, my sisters and my brothers bedrooms and landry room. I also want an iPhone 14 or any iponr. I have a germin shepherd mix his name is Hagrid and he WILL attack you just so you know.

Hi am Andrew, I am 9 years old I am in fourth grade, I like to draw practice vocalizing and do math. What I like doing the most by far is having fun with all my friends and also family. Well that is all I have to say about me.How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I have some questions for yousanta. One how are you maintaining the reindeer, number two is how is Mrs. claws? I hope she is doing great, last how are the elves?

I have a few questions to ask you about. My first question is how Mrs. Claws and the reindeer? My second question is why can’t I get money for Christmas? My mom says I can because I am too young to know what money is worth. So Im wondering. when you come to our house be careful of our dog and our cats because they hiss and bite and bark a lot.

My name is Jaxon I’m in the 4th grade I am 9 years old I am going to Everton Elementary. I like to play soccer and science and running. My years has gone pretty good new house and my elfs back and a metal from soccer. is your sleigh super fast? and what do you feed your reindeer? You should make a robot elf to get to houses faster. Can you get a a harry potter want and a fortnite disc for an xbox and say hi to miss clause for me please.

Hi my name is Aiden. I am 9 years old. I got to everton elementary I like to play games a lot I mostly play fortnite minecradt and rob lox. I need to tell you my elves been hide good . Vacation we went to florida I really want to know what the reindeer ea what do you eat, how how do deer stay warm? Who did you find to catch deer? I leave milk and cookies watch our for my dogs.

I have did my brudr churs for him I want a iPad and a wash I also want a toy tiger and a toy lain and pokemon kors and a nerf gun wif a strap. I love Christmas and a set of armey toys I want a set of dansor with his brudr and sister.

I have been a good boy this year I would like to have a quad and a new pc and a new keyboard and a new dirt bike a new tv and new iPhone.

I have kept my room clean and nice for Christmas I want a drawing iPad like they use on youtube please. and I wood like a collar for banjo that wood fit him because he has a fat neck.

I have been a good boy this year. I would like to have a vr nerf gun ps5 and a tiger. chain a baby dog plushie a dolphin cover leo lights xbox nike air force jersey helmet gloves and cleats

If you was cov as on how twinkle the elf was doing. She was wunting to make coco and cookies this morning. So what I want for Christmas is horse toys, hover board, barbie house (3 ft), drawling stuff, and chapter books. Thats it.

I have been a good boy this year. I would like to have some toys, some mini chests too. Some film and stuff to go with my bike. Some pokemon cards also. Merry Chistmas thanks.

Ive been a good girl this year! This year I need some heels for my dresses and can I have a little girl weding dress school apropiet please! and a head band with flowers and can I get a fule bag of mine brands and a pretty omg dolle and some dog treats feed my dogs!

I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have a clipon earrings and 5 supris ript jyns and if you don’t mind I would like if you can make a gymnastics bar and butter slim and a stress bolls.

I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have a bike and some slime please. And can I have a hover board and a new coats please and thank you. and can I have some clip on earrings. And last can I have some small good glue. and merry christmas.

I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have a iPad, iPhone 14, squish mellows, barbie house (3 foot), hover board, clip on earings

, led lights, a hamster, books, mini brands, candy, barbies, barbie stuff and lastly a bike,

I have been a good girl this year. I would to ae have clip-on earrings. Butter slime, cloud slime, stress balls, drawing supplies, squish mellows, lip gloss, necklaces, bracelets, nerfguns , fidgets and thats all.

I have been a good boy and I wode like o have a ps5 and a xbox and pokemon cares and the game splat toon 3 thank you.

I have been realy good besides being rude to my sister. I have been really appreciate. Wait I have and this time I want a overboard. I really want this it is a dirt bike, I really really want a hover board and gta5, online but this is what I realy want a rc truck but is is a jeep off rode car and I want it and it is ym drem to have it. I want to show my friends on the phone now this is what I want a lot. and I mea a lot of pokemon cards.

I have been a good girl year. I would like to have some clip-on-ear rings and regler earrings and a bord game. and some butter slime. clowd slime. coler clime and a new bike some. smell good glue and some books. please and new clothes. merry christmas. and leas some fidgets.

I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have is a rainbow high doll and baby clothes for my baby sister and baby shoes and a coloring book and new pocemon cords and a overboard and markers and the last one is a weather. that is all.

I have been a good girl this year. I would to so have a barbei house. I want some lol dolls. I want some clip on earrings. I want a xbox 360. I want a ps5.

I have ben a good boy this year. I would like to have a xbox series x and a iPad and anew iPhone for christmas.

I have been a good boy. This year I would like to have pokemon cards for Christmas.

My name is Gracie. I am 10 years old and I go to Everton Elementary. My interests are reading, art, running, eat healthy, playing with my sister. Something I did this year was going camping with my family and watching my brother show cattle. Santa I hope that you are doing well and are ready of this christmas season. Some questions I have for you are do you have a book of true believery? You have a book of good and naughty kids and lastly I would like to ask for some things for my family. For my sister a bluey toy both my parents an iPad and for my brother a new hunting board and blind. Then for me I would like some LED lights for my bedroom.I hope you are filled with nothing but joy and happiness santa.

My name is Brantley I am ten years old. Ian in 4th grade at Everton Elementary I like video games and running. Am I going to get a paintball gun for christmas I thank for you filling this would with your holiday cheer.

Hi, how are you? I’m Reagan, I’m 9 years old I’m in the 4th grade. And I’m an Everton Bearcat. Oh and before I forget at your toy shop you need to start making peachy babies slime. My christmas wish is to get a new bike. Ive been asking for a bike now for a while. and p.s. when you come this year I got a new puppy and she is not scared to bite your booty. Be careful because she will be loose and so will the other dogs.

I have waiting for Christmas and it is coming soon, I want to thank for all the hard work that you do for everyone to be happy on Christmas. Here is an idea that you should do elves be pets.

Im Raylan. I am 10. I’m in 4th grade at Everton Elementary. I like Harry Potter. MY dad left for Egypt for a tear my baseball team won. Do you ever get tired when you travel? Do you ever get cold at night?CAn you get me an Edison, LED lights harry potter wands. Especially Ron Weasly.

I’m hannah I’m 9 years od and in 4th grade at Everton Elementary. I like RZR’s quads, GTA and fortnite. I know been good and bad. I know I need to change my actions. Please don’t give me coal. I promise I’ll be good. You can count on me. We got a new puppy. What do you have a blanket to keep warm? I wish I could have a new puppy and some stuffed animals, spiderman stuff, legos, dog water bottles, a new phone, fake dog tattoos, and a new animal pillow for Christmas please.

My name is Kai. I like money! Hold is are you? for Christmas I would like a new kind of dirt bike. Also my mom needs help with the dogs. I really want my house barn done and a cup with pictures of my family.

Hi my is Mason. I’m in 4th grade and I like games. Thank you for bringing presents to everybody. It really makes my day. I would like a monitor, keyboard and mouse. A remote for my ps4 and a playstation gift card for Christmas please.

Hi its me Josie, I’m 10 years old, I like to dance, cheer and play soccer. My grandma and grandpa recently came from Michigan. How are you?Do you play with the reindeer? what if you brought Mrs. Clause in the sleigh with you this year? Just wondering. If I could have one wish it would be for every one to get a long. I would also like a puppy. I will be leaving carrots for the reindeer like I always do.

Hi, how are you? I hope you are having a merry christmas? I am nine and i am in the fourth grade. How are you doing? How old are you? All I want for Christmas this year is to see family and to have a merry christmas.

My name is Landon. I am 9 years old and in fourth grade at Everton Elementary. MY interests are shooting, guns and running. Oh I almost forgot to ask how is your day? How are your elves doing? It would be faster if you make some mini sleighs for the elves so they can deliver with you. Before I forget be careful of my pups and the iguana the enclosure is fragile.

My name is Jayce. I am ten years old I am in the 4th grade and go to Everton Elementary. Some of my favorite interests

are riding dirt bikes, and riding horses. Now I haven’t wrote you in a while because you never sent my elf. My elf is still not at my house he is suppose to arrive between Nov 30 and Desber 1. After getting off my chest I would to to ask for things for my family. For my dad I would like him to get a new phone. For my mom I would like her to get a new truck a brown or black one with six seats for my grandpa a new avac because my sister took his. Now saving the best time I would like a blue hover board for Christmas. I hope you have a good holiday and season filled with nothing but joy and cheerfulness, thank you for everything, out the holiday cheer in the world every year.

I’m just asking for nothing. I’m just wondering if you created the sleigh or if the elves helped you also how many years has Christmas been happening?

I don’t need anything at all. You can get me something if you want to but I don’t really care it’s your choice. My years been pretty good. I’m excited for what my dad got me for Christmas.

For Christmas I want a telescope, transformers lego, a big monkey, hot chocolate and some surprises.

I don’t know what Iw ant for Christmas. I want to thank my parents for everything they have done for me. I’m glad my mom is kind and funny. I want nothing for Christmas. From, Rosie

I hope that spartan is good for you. I am not asking for much this Christmas so here’s my list. First I would like some mini brands, peach baby slime, confetti play doh, face mask, both stuff, girl air jordans, bean bags for my room, fidgets and the lat thing that I really want is a real puppy.

How are you doing? I hope you are having a good year and your reindeer are having a good year too. For Christmas I want 1/64 tractors and I think that is all for this year merry christmas.

My name is Mason. What I would like for Christmas is pokemon cards, new jackets, new books and some beyblades.

There are a few things i would like for Christmas but there is one thing I really want though, it is a saucer chair. Then I also would like stuffed animals and I also went sleepers and I would like a ring for christmas. How are you doing? I am so happy it is almost Christmas. Have a good christmas and a happy new year.

I don’t really have anything on my Christmas list but that is because I already have everything I need. I have so much stuff but I still want a few things, I want a new phone, led lights, smart tv, new watercolor paint, more coed and a case for my camera too.

Here are three things I would like to get. I would like to get a overboard because my aunt use to have one. When I was little we would ride hers and it was really fun. I would also like to get a new phone case. Right now an time I put it on my phone I have to take it back off, wipe it then put it back on and then repeat it a thousand times. I would also really like a loft bed. I like my bed right now because it’s big and all but I might have lied when I said I didn’t want one right now and want one later.

Hi, I’m Daxton! I am looking forward to having a great Christmas this year. There are not many things I want but there are a few. I would like to have a blade switchable knife, mechanical pencils, water bottle, another bike light for the front wheel, stickers o around small photos, surprise me! Those are just some things I would like to have. I don’t ned any more than that! Thank you so much. Christmas is my favorite time of year! What is your favorite time of the year?

I would really like a loft bed, here is why. If I get a rat the space under my bed would be perfect to put my rat cage. Since it’s up high I can hang up my decorations easier. I could also get a blanket and make a fort using the bottom go the bed. I can also shove everything into a fort so nobody knows my room is messy, this is the only thing I want for Christmas.

What I want for Christmas is a pain of Jordan 4s Retro Blue Berry shoes and the Joradn 4s Military Black and the Joran 4s Midnight Blues and Jordan 4s Red thunders. They are all very good and cute shoes to wear. I also want new Christmas pants and christmas outfits they are so cute. Me ad my friends could like get matching christmas pants and wear them to school. My mom is getting me a bunch of candy canes like the colorful and mint ones so like a lot so I would also like more candy canes. Also I want like new bracelets and rings and necklaces and stuff like that cuz I need more and have most of them to my cousin so I don’t have that much so that’s all I have to say. and I could get these thank you very much I would be super grateful.

There are many things I would like for Christmas but here are a few of them I would like to get for christmas. I would like a red hoverboard, a playstation 5, I would also like to get a stuffed animal charizard from pokemon. Another thing I would like to get is a xyz charizard elite trainer box from pokemon and a power ranger dino charge 2 in 1 epic megazaord gift set, I would also like a box of wrestling cards.

I don’t really want nothing big this year. I have a great family right now. I am so grateful for the people that are in my life right now. They took me and my sister in and made their home ours too. My sister I’m so grateful that stayed together for all these years.

This is Madison, I can not wait until Christmas. I am so excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas, Thank you for sending my elf, Candy back this year. Can you please bring me a nintendo switch? I have always wanted one ever since I was 9. So can you please please get me one?

This is what I want for Christmas this year, I would really like a dachshund puppy or rollerblades and my family to be together this year. That’s all I want this year.

How are you doing? How are your reindeer? I bet they are happyy about delivering presents to kids this year. Guess what I want for Christmas. I want arts and craft and I want teal saddle for my black horse. I also want to go on vacation with my grandma because I like going on vacation with my family.

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