Rectangular RFID Tag Custom Size F08 1K M1 Printable NFC Sticker

Product DescriptionProduct NameRFID NFC Sticker Paper roll RFID tagMaterialCoated paper/PVC/PET etcColorBule/red/black/white/yellow/green/pink/purple etc and customized ChipFUdan f08; ultralight EV1; NFC-Tag 213/215/216; D41;D21 etc Frequency 13.56mhzPrinting Custom Logo Printing,Laser Engraved(UID

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Product Description
Product NameRFID NFC Sticker Paper roll RFID tag
MaterialCoated paper/PVC/PET etc
ColorBule/red/black/white/yellow/green/pink/purple etc and customized 
ChipFUdan f08; ultralight EV1; NFC-Tag 213/215/216; D41;D21 etc 
Frequency 13.56mhz
Printing Custom Logo Printing,Laser Engraved(UID Engraved),Serial Number etc.
AdvantageWaterproof, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, Adjustable size 
Availbale Size

Square: 18*18MM/35*35MM/45*45MM

Circle: 18MM/20MM/25MM/35MM/40MM/45MM

Rectangle: 12*20MM/15*20MM/15*30MM

ApplicationLibrary/inventory/logistic/warehouse management etc.
TypePiece & Roll
Volume1000pcs /2000pcs /5000 pcs per roll 
Weight3KG/1000 piece
Rectangle RFID Tags Custom Size F08 1K M1 Printable NFC StickersRectangle RFID Tags Custom Size F08 1K M1 Printable NFC Stickers

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Established in 2008, Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co.,Ltd, is specializing in RFID Tags/Labels,
NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Wristbands, Smart Cards, Inkjet Cards etc.

We have been researching NFC technology famous for NFCbiz since 2011, armed with Flip Machine,
Heidelberg Printer, Die-cutting Machine as well as a team of well-trained engineers.

We came out with the Inkjet Cards for Epson and Cannon Printers in 2012, which makes us stand out and unique in this field.
Every product represents Xinyetong image to the world and we are building our reputation with high quality and best service.

To dear clients: What you see, what you get.
To us: Quality is the life our company and reputation is the soul.

Rectangle RFID Tags Custom Size F08 1K M1 Printable NFC Stickers

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Rectangle RFID Tags Custom Size F08 1K M1 Printable NFC Stickers



What material and glue of RFID tag we have?


Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials:
1. Coated Paper: Low cost, easy to print on.
2. PET: Waterproof, heatproof, environmental protection.
3. PVC: Waterproof, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance.
4. Normal Double-sided adhesive: Robust, widely used, and cheaper than 3M Glue.
5. 3M Glue: Higher cost but strong viscosity, good temperature tolerance & anti-corrosion.
6. Electrostatic adhesive:Electrostatic prevention, high temperature resistance, strong water resistance


What chip should I use? And Inlay?


We have LF, HF and UHF chips with various memory and reading distance. If you are not sure, please inform our sales with project details.
Here are some commonly used chips and inlays for your reference:
1. LF (0-5cm): TK4100 (64 Bit), HitagS256 (256 Bit), EM4305 (512 Bit).
2. HF (0-15cm): NFC-Tag213 (144 Byte), F08 (1K Byte), SLIX (128 Byte).
3. UHF (1-10m): AlienH3 (96 Bit), Alien H4 (96 Bit), Monza 4D (128 Bit).
4. Inlay: AlienH3 9654, AlienH4 9762, Impinj M4QT, Impinj M4E.
Chips are then mounted on different inlays (Antenna etched on PET layer) for achieving different reading distance and angles. Our sales will provide you the most suited inlay if not specified.


What the data can I encode to each Tag?


We can encode different serial numbers, URL/website, Text to each Tag as your request.


What file of printing image should I offer to you?


Design Files of AI, PDF, Corel Draw, Photoshop, CAD format are supported. If no, then send us JPG or BMP, we can design for your confirmation, it takes longer time though.


What about sizes?


All the size and the shape of the final product can be customized as your request. For die-cutting the minimum size should be 4mm bigger than inlay normally.


Can I customize the inlay antenna?


Yes, Our R&D can do customized antenna designing, regarding cost please refer to our sales. Providing samples or design datasheet for your requirement is good to speed up the process.

We are 24 hours at your service.

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