Self Adhesive Breakable Eggshell Vinyl Printable Sticker Labels

Specification:ItemUltra destructible vinyl materialsFunctionAnti-Theft; Anti-copy; Anti-counterfeitSurface PrintingOfferAdhesiveWater Based Sensitive PermanentColorMatt White/CustomSize:Could cut width between 3.5cm-107cm you wanted.Print ProcessOffset printing, silk screen printing, die-cutPackOn rolls or sheetsFeaturebreak int

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ItemUltra destructible vinyl materials
FunctionAnti-Theft; Anti-copy; Anti-counterfeit
Surface PrintingOffer
AdhesiveWater Based Sensitive Permanent
ColorMatt White/Custom
Size:Could cut width between 3.5cm-107cm you wanted.
Print ProcessOffset printing, silk screen printing, die-cut
PackOn rolls or sheets
Featurebreak into tiny pieces when tampered or removed
UsageUsed for tamper evident security labels,stickers
DeliveryExpress, By Air or By Sea
PaymentT/T; Western Union; paypal
UDV(ultra destructible viny) materials are made for Destructible Vinyl Labels. This is a kind of tamper evident labels, it is different from common paper and vinyl label. It sticks well on the most ridiculous surfaces and breaks easily into tinny pieces when tampered or removed, widely used as tamper evident labels
Common uses include asset tracking or warranty marking such as
 Ultra Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels, Warranty Stickers, Tamper Evident Seal Stickers ect. 

1.Custom self adhesive breakable writable calibration stickers is self adhesive destructible labels usually with customized company logo, name, years, months, days or texts. You can mark the day of the selling goods, or the warranty period, During this period, the goods can not be repaired or other favorable policies.
2. This kind of breakable writable calibration stickers are customized by one of our customer, it is very simple, ultra destructible label sticker printed with black logo and year, month, dates.
3. size of the sticker is 9mm×5mm, you can write the day that you need.
4. Very hard to be removed is one of the main characters of custom self adhesive breakable writable calibration stickers. It will become piece and piece if someone try to remove it. So it is one of the best way to help the products against tamper.
5.  Custom self adhesive breakable writable calibration stickers are made of a tamper evident adhesive label paper material, It has three tiers, the top is the facestock, This warranty sticker is customized to medium destructible. The middle is environmental strong water-based glue. The last one is the release liner, it is 80g glassine liner as the customer's requirement.
Self Adhesive Destructive Fragile Egg Shell Vinyl Printable Stickers Label

1. Tamper evident destructible labels are unique tamper proof security labels for excellent high bond adhesion and conformability to smooth or curved irregular surfaces.
2. When the destructible labels are tampered against removal and are easily damaged, causing cracking and cause multiple chipping effect in tits and bits leaving behind the evidence of tampering.
3. It can not be removed, if others want to remove it, it will become little and little. So if the warranty sticker is broken, the goods can not be repaired;
4. Can be printed by a lot of ways, and printing effect is excellent;
5. Size, color, design, thickness and fragile can be customized as your need.
6. Can be die cutting.
7. Can be stick on lots of clean and not incisive surfaces, like plastic, wooden, metal, paper and so on.
8. Glue is environmental water-based glue, it is clear, smells good and can keep more time the common. The common glue is yellow and smells bad.
Self Adhesive Destructive Fragile Egg Shell Vinyl Printable Stickers Label


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